Outdoor SignageLED Signs

Make a bright and colorful impression with our electric and LED back-light signs which are ideal for commercial spaces, restaurants, buildings, and businesses.

PICATYPE Printing’s custom LED signs provide your brand an opportunity to turn a missed opportunity into revenue. These on-premise signs are crucial to all businesses as they identify your location, promote your product/service, or address customer issues.

Our signs are suitable for both small and large displays and are both energy efficient and cost-effective. These waterproof signs are safe for the outdoors.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to promote your brand – contact PICATYPE to get your custom sign today.


  • Glow sign boards
  • 3D LED acrylic lettering (on wall)
  • 3D LED acrylic lettering (on box) Thickness
  • 3D LED acrylic lettering (side glow only)
  • Stencil cut box board

Production Time : 3 – 5 days following prototype approval

Shipping Time : 1 day within Pune, 3 days within India