POS Display Shelves

Free standing units and display shelves are a crucial part of marketing strategy in the retail, supermarket, hospitality, and commercial environments.

A sturdy and attractive free standing unit has the potential to convert a prospect into a valued customer.

PICATYPE Printing is the pioneer in designing and printing high-quality display shelves and free standing units for multiple applications. Our digital and offset machines manufacturer displays that are attractive, sturdy, and easy to move and install.

Get in touch with us and the print experts can help you create a unique and lasting solution for your brand and product.


  • Material
    • Imported corrugation paperboard
    • Indian corrugation paperboard
  • Material colour options
    • Brown
    • White
  • Customised & unique designs
  • Portable & lightweight
    • Easy to transport
    • Ease of installation/dismantling
  • 4C printing
  • Flexo printing

Production Time :  5 to 7 days following prototype approval and depending on order quantity

Shipping Time : 1 day within Pune, 3 days within India