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Does your work from home set-up compromise of working out of your pj’s in bed or do you have a designated workspace? 

Either way, working from home can be a challenge. Even if one doesn’t have to juggle family and bored kids running around, there is the tendency to take a quick break to “just get the laundry started” and blurred boundaries between work and personal space. 

Perfecting work from home is actually an art or skill that takes time. It takes discipline, self-motivation, and oodles of commitment – one has to learn how to be content with their own company. 

Just like we support the best sports person with the best gear and team, a successful work from home experience requires meticulous planning and support from an organisation. One thing that can make your work from home transition easier is being equipped with the right stationery

Before we jump into listing the home office employee essentials, let’s just quickly go over why it’s important for organisations to invest in these kits. 


Why Invest in Home Stationery

Unproductive work from home setting can cost the organisation thousands of dollars. Inefficient processes ultimately affect the company’s bottom line. 

A study by Airtasker reports that work from home employees ended up working “1.4 more days every month, or 16.8 more days every year” than people who worked in an office.” Wow! That’s a lot more days than someone in office. Research has also found that work from home can be more stressful as employees try to find a work-life balance whilst putting in extra hours.

Now imagine what happens to productivity when your employee is scrambling to find a notepad or diary to take notes during a sales or strategy meeting. 

One way to support employees is to have “Work from Home Kits” ready for your staff. 

What stationery should go in this kit? 

Continue reading this blog to identify home office stationery that will make one’s work from home experience the best one possible. 


Must-Have for Home Office Stationery

PENS & HIGHLIGHTERS – This may sound basic but we can’t stress the importance of equipping your staff with sufficient writing tools. Pens and highlighters are one of the easiest stationery items to misplace. A nice box of different coloured pens and highlighters will keep employees on top of their to-do lists and meeting notes. 

customised stationeryFOLDABLE LAPTOP DESK – Most of us don’t have a designated work office space. We are either working from our beds or fighting for space on the dining table. In both positions, we hunch over our back and are just getting ourselves ready for a long-term lower back issue. Providing employees with an easy to assemble computer table that can be set up on a bed or coffee/dining table can make all the difference! We can make these foldable desks from sturdy corrugated material. They are eco-friendly, light-weight, and easily customisable to feature a company logo or graphic. 

MOBILE CHARGING STAND – A huge convenience of working in an office is an abundance of charging points. There are plenty of portals for charging laptops and phones and any additional gadgets. However, the same doesn’t apply in a home office setting. Providing a mobile charging stand in your home-office kit can make all the difference here. Having a charging stand also keeps the employees easily accessible. 

CUSTOMISED NOTEPAD, NOTEBOOKS,  & FOLDERS – Having an excellent stock of paper for note-taking, brainstorming, and organisation is key. Even though most of us have moved digital, there is still a need for notepads or notebooks. Providing notepads, notebooks, or even diaries that employees can use at home is an excellent way to keep them organised without having to type on another document. Customising these note-taking essentials will also keep employees connected to your organisation and make them feel like they are part of a team! 

DESK CALENDAR – Sometimes we want access to our upcoming meetings and calendar without having to open another screen on our computer, don’t we? It is just easier to look at an elegant,  easy-to-read desk calendar and give our eyes some much-needed respite from the computer or laptop screen. A desk calendar quickly highlights what is important without the headache of scrolling. Include this must-have item in your home-kit and have employees organised and beaming with joy! 

CUSTOMISED PHOTO FRAMES – One of the best parts about going to work is interacting with a diverse group of people. Humans are social creatures, and our work buddies quickly become a significant part of our lives. So, why not include a customised desk photo frame in your stationery kit? Your employees will be grateful to remember that they are part of a larger team that cares about them. 



The telecommuting or work-from-home trend that started in the pre-pandemic era has become a way of life for most businesses. With no certainty as to when most employees can resume working from an office, organisations need to rethink strategies to keep their employee productivity and efficiency high. Are you, as an organisation, supporting your employees’ work from home endeavour by providing supporting kits and stationery

Which one of these home stationery items do you have? Share your responses with us in the comments section.

If you are an organisation looking to invest in customised work-from-home stationery kits, our team at Picatype can help.