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India, along with some major parts of the world, is gearing up to get their economies back on track post flattening the Covid-19 curve, it’s a time of excitement (getting back to work) and a bit of uncertainty. While we all know that work will never be the same moving forward and certain provisions have to be in place to ensure a safe and virus-free space to everyone. Organizations should aim for creating a space that ensures maximum safety with minimal impact. 

Social distancing measures and hygiene has and will continue to a top priority for all work environments. While most organisations have already used oral and written communication to reinforce the importance of creating a safe and friendly working environment for all, another powerful medium to consider using is visual. 

Power of Visual Print 

Several studies confirm the power of visuals and retention. Statistics say that our brains process visuals 60,000s times faster than text. Other research states that visuals stick in long-term memory and are more effective for retention. A study by Prezi reported that visuals increase retention by 42% (woah!). 

Visuals also work better when one is dealing in a manufacturing setting where not everyone has access to email communication or in a scenario where most of the workforce is composed of blue-collar or trade technicians. Signs and prints have a strong story-telling component to them that makes them more accessible and memorable. 

It’s safe to say that visuals are powerful and the right way to ensure coming back to work is secure for everyone. 

But that is a lot to prepare for! How can we make sure we have all the correct signage in place? 

Yes, it does seem to be quite a task to identify all the places visual reminders could be beneficial, especially if you have a large factory. 

Don’t worry though, Picatype Printing has made this planning process easier for you. 

We have come up with a list of top visuals and print signs that would apply in most office, commercial, and manufacturing spaces. These visual prints are engaging and easy to retain. 

List of Print/Signage for Work 

  • Restroom / Washroom – To ensure no one gets too close! 
  • No Visitors Allowed – Gentle reminders for limiting movement to unnecessary areas
  • Sanitisation Reminders – Keeping hygiene as a top priority. 
  • Elevator Signage – Make sure social distancing is maintained in enclosed spaces. 
  • Factory Floor Stickers – Quick reminders on where one should walk or stand. 
  • Posters on Corona Awareness – Graphical representation on how to protect oneself or identify symptoms. 

Click here to download these signs. 

Quick Refresher 

80% of people remember what they see, compared to ten percent what they hear and 20 percent of what they read.

Without a visual or print component, your organisation’s entire messaging about a safe, virus-free transmission workspace might not get heard. Email reminders and verbal messaging can get mundane. Just words can be abstract and difficult to retain. 

Get your business back on the right track by using our print-friendly posters and floor stickers. Ensure that a safe workplace is ready to welcome back your staff. Preparing ahead of time for certain protocol changes will also signal to your employees that you care about them and enable them to work as efficiently as possible. 

Are you ready to create a workspace that has maximum safety? 

If you are seeking customised prints, posters or signage for work in the age of Coronavirus, please contact Picatype Printing. Our print and design team is ready to help you.